At the command line:

$ easy_install snimpy

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv snimpy
$ pip install snimpy

Snimpy requires libsmi, a library to access SMI MIB information. You need to install both the library and the development headers. If Snimpy complains to not find smi.h, you can help by specifying where this file is located by exporting the appropriate environment variable:

$ export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/opt/local/include

On Debian/Ubuntu, you can install libsmi with:

$ sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libsmi2-dev snmp-mibs-downloader

On RedHat and similar, you can use:

$ sudo yum install libffi-devel libsmi-devel

On OS X, if you are using homebrew, you can use:

$ brew install libffi
$ brew install libsmi

On Debian and Ubuntu, Snimpy is also available as a package you can install with:

$ sudo apt-get install snimpy